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MMA Cage with platform
E MMA Cage-7
mma cage with platform
E MMA Cage-8
mma cage mat

MMA cage with platform

  • 10-years warranty.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Standard requirements for UFC and IMMAF.
  • Durable and safety is top -level.
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Unleash your fighting prowess with our elite MMA cage with platform. Superior design, ultimate safety, and unmatched performance for champions.

Elevated MMA cage is a professional MMA cage and can be used either for hard training or competition. Comply with UFC and European safety standards. Use NO bolt assembly method to complete the assembly within 2 hours. The MMA Cage is designed to be stable, strong and safe, using high strength steel and plating to make it durable. OSB boards and floor mats thickness of 3 cm. All of this is for the safety of MMA athletes. This makes us the best MMA Cage manufacturer.

  • Diameter: 16Ft(5m); 20ft(6.1m); 24ft(7.3m); 25ft(7.8m).
  • Height of the frame: 1.9m(6.2ft).
  • Height of the floor:0.3m; 0.5m; 0.9m;
  • 3cm OSB boards.
  • Floor mats: 3cm XPE foam.
  • 7 MMA panels + 1 MMA panel with 80cm door with padding.
  • Mesh panels can withstand 2+ tons of impact force.
  • 8 customisable corner pads(color,logo).
  • Frame 10 years warranty.

5m(16ft); 6.1m(20ft); 7.3m(24ft); 7.6m(25ft); Custom

Height of the frame


Height of the floor

0.3m; 0.5m

Floor material

OSB Boards 3cm

Floor padding

3cm XPE Mats



Load size(16ft)

1# 2×1.2x2m; 2# 2.6×1.2×1.6m

Load size(20ft)

1# 2.5×1.2x2m; 2# 2.6×1.2×1.6m

Load size(24ft)

1# 3×1.2x2m; 2# 3×1.2×1.6m


Frame 10years

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